Special Interests and Government Reduction

Interesting post in Marginal Revolution which shows how special interest groups are always trying to stifle competition and keep government in power where it has no business being.  Given that this is the case, is attempting to downsize the government (through political means) against these formidable foes a worthy cause? Advertisements

Hero or Villain?

Would Russia granting Snowden temporary asylum create strained relations with the United States?  It is a tough call on Russia’s side given the potential consequences from doing so but I believe they should go ahead and do it.  Given the negative feelings the rest of the world has towards the United States I believe it is … Continue reading


Since roughly the time of FDR, “liberal” and “conservative” have been the terms used to describe those on the political left and right, respectively, in American politics.  The third biggest group is libertarianism, which has generally come to mean fiscally conservative and socially liberal. However, are these really the terms we should be using to … Continue reading

Are Libertarians Hypocrites for Using the Roads?

“Who will build the roads?” is a common question directed at libertarians when we talk about ending government services. And most libertarians will give you an explanation about the private sector, what people value, common interests, etc. So we don’t believe in public roads, but we all use them. We drive on them to get … Continue reading


The outcome of national elections are out of an individual’s control.  Representing such a minuscule fraction of the voting populous and being an insignificant factor in the election itself, is it beneficial for an individual to vote?  The opportunity cost of being politically informed and going to the ballot box is rather high (at least … Continue reading

The Pretense of Knowledge Strikes Again!

As I watch the Administration struggle to enact the (un)Affordable Care Act, amused, I cannot help but think of F.A. Hayek’s famous “Pretense of Knowledge” speech that he gave upon accepting the Nobel Prize almost 40 years ago. The pretense of knowledge, the idea that experts, particularly economists, think they know more than they actually … Continue reading

National Monuments

Watching the fireworks this 4th of July I couldn’t help but notice all of the monuments/government buildings and Washington Monument which is currently under construction.  National monuments cost a substantial amount to maintain and build (small relative to other government expenditures but large in comparison to the average American’s yearly income).  Given that the only … Continue reading