Hero or Villain?

Would Russia granting Snowden temporary asylum create strained relations with the United States?  It is a tough call on Russia’s side given the potential consequences from doing so but I believe they should go ahead and do it.  Given the negative feelings the rest of the world has towards the United States I believe it is likely he will find asylum somewhere. 

4 Responses to “Hero or Villain?”
  1. Lankister says:

    What are the potential consequences? I have not heard of any formal ones. He has already been granted asylum in three latin american countries, but has realized he most likely it to those countries as the US will likely impede his travel. I could be persuaded as to whether or not he is a hero or a villain, but I would less likely view him as a hero if he leaks specific security information. I think it is great to whistleblow on the program as a whole and speak out against this infringement on constitutional rights, but this can be successfully achieved without revealing specific national security information. Rand Paul gave a great speech at Heritage against the broadsweeping surveillance program in favor of law enforcement seeking out specific warrants in the conventional investigative process.

  2. horantula says:

    I agree with Lankister that we should be rolling back such a broad surveillance program and using specific warrants instead. I don’t think it is prudent to call Snowden a hero or a villain, and it would have been better for him to conduct his whistleblowing internally rather than go directly to the media.

    • How do you do that internally?

      • horantula says:

        There are lawyers who specialize in whistleblowing. I’m not familiar with the particulars, but you can hire a lawyer in this field who attempts to have the issue solved without having the public made aware of the whistelblowing. Since the legal actions are largely done in secret, you may still say there is a lack of transparency, but it addresses the problem without sensitive information being leaked to the public.

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